Monday, February 9, 2009

Rough Idea for a Computer Concept (China)

So midway through the quarter I have learned that designing a computer for another country is difficult, if not near impossible.

Here is my idea; since there is a large generation gap in China and online addiction has become a big problem among teenagers, why not design a computer that both closes this gap and helps parents monitor teen computer usage without invading their privacy.

The monitor is a wireless touch device that can move anywhere in the house to help bond families around technology. When the computer is in use by an individual (mainly the kids) a mobile object lets parents monitor computer usage discreetly. The orb changes colors based on what the child is using the computer for. While the teenager retains some privacy, parents can rest assured their child is balancing time on the computer.

What does everyone think? Any ideas on how these objects could integrate together better?

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  1. Nice work, I think you're on a path towards developing a clean, easy to digest story. One thing I realize by seeing your image is that context will be very important. For instance, the new CPU format doesn't have a home next to the traditional keyboard and monitor. Similarly, showing the monitor in this traditional format does little to help tell the story that this can go anywhere. Think about layout and this might help give you some more ideas, or a stronger story.