Monday, January 12, 2009

Method as a Holistic Identity

When we talk about good branding, often times names like Coca-Cola, Apple, and VW tend to come up; which are brands that have been thoroughly exhausted in discussion. All of these brands create an authentic user experience, an identity which every user craves. Method is unique because it has developed this connection through organic forms, simple beautiful packaging and a loyalty to non-toxic materials.

While Method has only been around for less than a decade, it has become especially successful in the ever increasing "green" market. And although there are many environmentally cleaning agents in today's market, not many have created the market share or impact that Method has.

Not only do they create connection through visual appeal, but if you check out their website, you can see that they have created a community of users that promote the products. Ultimately, Method has found a niche market where it can explore the possibilities of being green while remaining sophisticated.


  1. You know me, always talking about the kiddie stuff....BUT...

    ...I like how even the Method Baby product line fits in with Method's brand aesthetic, and manages to say "baby" at the same time.

    Have you seen the "quilted" looking packaging that Method has? I forget what the exact product is, but it looks pretty cool.

  2. ive seen that quilted packaging, i think its for hand soap.

    have you seen the packaging for the body wash? its in like a block-shaped bottle. something about it seems unpractical, maybe its just the lid- its a little awkward to open without hurting your finger or breaking a nail.