Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Inaugural Post

Welcome to the first of many posts discussing various aspects of design. Being a 4th year industrial design student at the University of Cincinnati-DAAP, I want to share my thoughts on product strategy and development in the hopes ( and with the interest of fellow classmates) that we can better ourselves and become more knowledgeable about the design world around us.

Coming in to every quarter at school, it is interesting to assess where one has come from and what knowledge has been gleaned from various experiences. Whether this is at school or on the job, it is interesting to realize the way these two aspects of our education overlap. I have had the good fortune of some wonderful on-site learning having worked at Fisher-Price, ECCO Design in New York, and Kaleidoscope. From these experiences, I can identify strong skills and also skill sets needing more development.

This quarter my primary focuses will include the following:

-concept communication through speech
-efficiently manage concepts through categorization
-delve deeper into the design world to understand current events and trends

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